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Orient III 2024: Challenges to trade in the Middle East

Ala Mohsen
From Yemen to the high seas: The impact of Houthi activities on regional security and international trade

Mohammad I. Aslam
Al-Houthi and the Red Sea shipping quandary: Strategic positioning or deliberate intent

Marwan Kabalan
How the Gaza War has changed the security environment in the Middle East

Paul Rivlin
Implications of regional trade route disruptions for Israel

Amrita Jash
The Red Sea crisis and its impact on China’s trade

Katarzyna Sidło
The MENA region and the Silk Road: China’s impact on trade routes in the MENA region

Gülsüm Akbulut
Iraq Development Road: A Project to change trade routes and regional dynamics

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Gulf states’ energy sectors in the context of regional disruption in the MENA region

Nikolay Kozhanov
Securitisation of the energy transition and the interests of the GCC oil producers

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Orient II 2024: Aspects of digital transformation from the Gulf to North Africa

Christopher M. Davidson
The security-political implications of emergent digital technologies in the Gulf states

James Shires
Cybersecurity diplomacy in the Middle East

Joe F. Khalil and Mohamed Zayani
Digital publicness: Reflections on youth engagement in the Middle East

Ayad Al-Ani
Digitisation of the Arab world: A community approach?

Nong Zhu and Xubei Luo
E-commerce and firm performance in the Middle East and North Africa: Cases of Egypt, Jordan and Morocco

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Orient I 2024: Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Netanel Flamer
The use of deception by Hamas and the 7 October attack

Yaser Alashqar
The failure of mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: historical junctures

Nathan J. Brown
Is diplomacy possible after the death of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Implications of the war in Gaza for GCC-Israeli rapprochement

Mahjoob Zweiri and Thomas Bonnie James
The 2023 war on Gaza: Iran between realpolitik and ideology

Walid Kazziha
The war on Gaza: carnage of hard power

Hiba Husseini
A Palestinian perspective: post-7 October 2023

Sarah El-Bulbeisi
Consequences of Germany’s moral support for Israel’s military offensive on Gaza for Palestinians living in Germany

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Orient IV 2023: Conflict mediation and rapprochement across the MENA region

Simon Mabon
Saudi Arabia, Iran and the complexity of conflict mediation

Ibrahim Galal Fakirah
Third-party mediation and peace-making processes in Yemen: Issues and challenges

Youssef Mohammad Sawani
Resolving the Libyan conflict: Twelve years of failure

Joseph Daher
Syria’s regional normalisation process: Between opportunities and challenges

Umer Karim
The role of Gulf states in conflict in Sudan

Amrita Jash and Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal
China as an ‘international mediator’ in the context of Saudi-Iran relations

Aditya Anshu
Prospects of rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran

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Orient III 2023: The invasion of Iraq: 20 years on

Ibrahim Al-Marashi
Warfare in Iraq since the 2003 invasion: The diffusion of the projection of political violence

Marina Ottaway
Post-invasion Iraq: An impossible task, poorly executed

Dylan O’Driscoll and Irene Costantini
The 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq and the logic of intervention

Ebrahim Abbassi, Adel Nemati and Mohsen Shokri
The political economy of modernisation in Iraq: Challenges and consequences

Keiko Sakai
The post-2003 ruling political elite circle in Iraq vs. its challengers: Differences in their support bases and electoral strategies

Ruba Ali Al-Hassani
Re-imagining Babylon: Epistemic violence and Iraqi discourse

Shirzad Azad
Dawn of a new beginning: Iraq looks East in the post-Saddam era

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Orient II 2023: Changing international relations of the GCC states

Heinrich Kreft
China and the GCC: A developing strategic partnership

Mordechai Chaziza
Relationship between China and the GCC states: Natural partners or uneasy bedfellows?

Dario Cristiani
The “new” GCC: Strategic autonomy, organisational cacophony

Alexis Montambault-Trudelle
Money trees in the Gulf: The power of sovereign wealth funds in shifting GCC international politics

Christopher Davidson
Saudi Arabia’s changing international profile: The role of sovereign wealth

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Qatar’s changing international relations

Jonathan Ghariani
From tacit cooperation to formal strategic partnership: The Abraham Accords

Gianluca Pastori
The Abraham Accords: A somewhat contradictory work in progress?

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Orient I 2023: Climate change and climate action in MENA

Vakur Sümer and Ayşegül Kibaroğlu
Water management as a tool for conflict prevention: The case of the MENA region

Quentin Wodon
Education to climate change: A missing ingredient in climate action plans for MENA countries?

Martin Paul Jr. Tabe-Ojong
Climate-smart agriculture and food security in MENA

Manfred A. Lange
Climate change, heat waves and their consequences in the MENA region

Farah Al Qawasmi
Climate change impact and action: Qatar at the forefront

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat and Diwangkara Bagus Nugraha
Indonesia-GCC cooperation in climate action: Progress and ways forward

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Orient IV 2022: Global geopolitics echoing into the MENA region

Robert Springborg
Global systems and the MENA region:
Weakening actors, weakening systems

Gawdat Bahgat
Global power competition and the geopolitics of energy

Martin Keulertz
G7, food security and MENA

Matteo Moretti
The EU Gulf strategy and the Strategic Compass:
Europe’s gamble for a security role in a multipolar Gulf

Eleonora Ardemagni
NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept reconsiders the MENAand southern partners

Nematullah Bizhan
Afghanistan: A tragic fall, consequences and prospects

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Orient III 2022: Intraregional geopolitics

Natalie Koch
Sports sponsorship and Gulf geopolitics

Anna Reuß
Evolving intraregional security perceptions in the UAE

Hamdy A. Hassan
Stalled cooperation and the destabilisation of the Maghreb

Fatiha Dazi-Héni
Geopolitical shift in the Gulf after the Abraham Accords

Christopher M. Davidson
Intra-GCC state relations: Re-assessing the balance of power

James M. Dorsey
Sitting in glass houses: Double standards haunt US and Europe in dispute with Turkey

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Orient II 2022: Germany’s role in the MENA region: Between continuity and change

Katharina Konarek
German democracy promotion: The German political foundations in the MENA region

Larbi Sadiki and Layla Saleh
Re-visioning Germany’s democracy promotion in the Arab World

Benjamin Schuetze
Why “democracy promotion” should play no role in a values-based German foreign policy in the MENA region

Elena Dück
German-Turkish cultural and educational relations after the German elections: A new golden era?

Robert Mason
Germany-GCC relations: Continuities, priorities and Atlanticism

Amal El Ouassif
Moroccan-German bilateral cooperation: Historical roots and future perspectives

Omar Shaban
Towards a more active role for Germany in Palestine

Nadia Naccache
The impact of civil society on building democracy and promoting liberalism in Tunisia

Alexander Niedermeier
A nuanced look and equal footing – Expectations towards the new German government: A view from Cairo

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Orient I 2022: Afghanistan

Emrah Özdemir
Foreign aid in Afghanistan as an international security and foreign policy tool

S. Asef Hossaini
Local governance in Afghanistan: A solution to a failed state?

Katja Mielke
Looking beyond stereotypes: A critical reflection of popular narratives about the Taliban movement

Anchita Borthakur
The Taliban’s interim administration: The rise of the Haqqani Network and its implications

Patrick A. Mello
German parliamentary debates and decision-making on Afghanistan

Alessandro Arduino
China’s anxiety over Afghanistan

Julian Tucker
A brief history of international influence in Afghanistan

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Orient IV 2021

Heinrich Kreft
Will China become the new dominant actor in the broader Middle East?

Yahia H. Zoubir
China’s foreign policy pragmatism and influence in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia

Radosław Fiedler
US-Egyptian relations after the Arab Spring

Roland Dannreuther
Russia and the Middle East: The quest for recognition

Chiara Lovotti
Russia in a post-American Middle East: The shaping of a new regional order

Ekaterina Stepanova
Russia’s regional balancing and interests in the Middle East: Benefits, risks and implications for Europe

Debasish Nandy
Revisiting India’s Middle East policy: Diplomacy, politics, strategy and business

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