German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East, published by the German Orient-Institute

Currently in its 65th year, ORIENT has established itself as a major reference source on Middle Eastern politics, economics, religion and society. With four issues per year and a print distribution of more than 2,500, it reaches scholars and decision makers in politics and business worldwide. Each edition focuses on a specific topic, for example: the Muslim World and the Internet; the Shia; Turkey and the West; or the US and the Near and Middle East. ORIENT positions itself at the juncture between academia and the interests of the business and media world, publishing original scholarly articles and a broad range of book reviews. Purchase a subscription starting at 80 EUR per year to get valuable insights to the Near and Middle East provided by top academics and insiders.
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The German Orient-Institute (Deutsches Orient-Institut, DOI) was founded in 1960 by the non-profit-organization German Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV), which is the oldest and largest organisation that promotes economic development between Germany and the countries of the Near and Middle East. The DOI regularly publishes scientific publications such as the ORIENT, Short-Analysis, Business-Guides and various policy-advising Studies.

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