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ORIENT II 2013: Israel & Palestine

Professor Ilan Pappé
The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank: Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing by Other Means

Professor Gerald M. Steinberg
Netanyahu’s Foreign Policy: Between History, Geography, and International Anarchy

Professor Gabriel Piterberg
The Zionist Settlement in Palestine as Settler Colonialism: The Formative Impact of the German Project in the Ostmark

Alexander Rüsche
Business as usual, Bloodshed or Boycott? The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in the Post Peace Process Era

Dr. Adham Saouli
Hizbullah, Hamas, and the Arab Uprisings: Structures, Threats, and Opportunities

Dr. Yair Wallach
Zionism – Past or Present? The “Jewish State” in Zionist thought

Dr. Samir A. Awad
Politics in Palestine

Dr. James R. Vaughan
‘An ill keeper of promise’? Britain, Israel and the shadow of Palestine

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ORIENT I 2013: Egypt

Roger Hardy
Egypt, the West, and the Arab Spring

Dr. Tarek H. Selim
A Value Proposition for Egypt: An Emerging Nation Competitiveness Strategy and Post-Revolution Economic Challenges

Dr. Roel Meijer
The Majority Strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. David Faris
Digital Media and Identity in the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities

Jannis Julien Grimm
Morsi’s Foreign Policy Dilemma: Economic Imperatives and the Politics of Legitimation

Dr. John Calvert
The Historical Contingency of Islamist Discourse in Egypt: Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Mariz Tadros
A Dictatorship with an Islamic Reference

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ORIENT IV 2012: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

PD Dr. Elham Manea
Saudi Arabia, the Arab Spring and the Regional Context

Dr. Saud Mousaed Al Tamamy
Hegemonic or Defensive? Patterns of Saudi Foreign Policy in the Era of the Arab Spring

Menno Preuschaft
The Arab Uprisings in Saudi Discourse – Intellectual and Religious Perspectives from the Kingdom

Professor Mark N. Katz
The Impact of the Arab Spring on Saudi-Russian Relations

Dr. Mark C. Thompson
Saudi Youth: Challenges for the Future

Christoph Wilcke
Women in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mariwan Kanie
Civil Society, Language and the Authoritarian Context: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Nora Derbal
Private Charity for Public Welfare? The Renaissance of Benevolent Engagement in Saudi Arabia against the Background of an Overburdened Welfare State

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ORIENT III 2012: Syria

Professor Raymond Hinnebusch
Syria’s Geopolitics

Dr. Carsten Wieland
A Decade of Lost Chances – Syria under Bashar al-Asad

Professor David W. Lesch
The World According to Bashar al-Asad

Dr. Nikolaos van Dam
How to Solve or Not to Solve the Syrian Crisis?

Dr. Jubin M. Goodarzi
Syria and Iran: Alliance Politics in a Changing Regional Environment

Dr. Hans Krech
Al Qaeda in the Levant and the Civil War in Syria

Dr. Ergin Günes
Does Turkey turn the Arab Spring into the Israeli Summer?

Dr. Özden Zeynep Oktav
The Impact of Syrian Uprising on Turkey-Syria Relations

Dr. Samer N. Abboud
Fragmentation in the Syrian Opposition

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ORIENT II 2012: Afghanistan

Ahmed Rashid
Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US

Dr. Christian Wagner
Regional Powerplay: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig
The Road through Qatar: Chances for a political solution with the Taleban

Dr. Conrad Schetter and Janosch Prinz
Counterinsurgency, Anthropology, Retreat – The US Military’s COIN ‘strategy’ in Afghanistan

Dr. Hans Krech
Negotiations with Underground Factions in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2012

Florian Broschk
Dynamics of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Northern Afghanistan

Amin Azimi
Talk and Fight – The Taliban’s Evolving Media Campaign

Michael Semple
The Revival of the Afghan Taliban 2001-2011

Professor Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann and Dr. Stefan Schütte
Human Security, Vulnerability and Development in Afghanistan

Just Boedeker
Nation or Tribe? Some Observances about Baloch Group Affiliations in 2008 and 2010

Dr. Lutz Rzehak
How to name Universities? Or: Is there any linguistic problem in Afghanistan?

Dr. St John Simpson
Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World. Some Recent Contributions by the British Museum to the Appreciation of and Research into Afghan Cultural Heritage

Elke Hoff, MdB
Stabilität durch Emanzipation: Von Nordafrika über den Nahen Osten bis zum Hindukusch – ist Sicherheit auch ohne den Westen möglich?

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ORIENT I 2012: Islam in Africa

Dr. Patrick Desplat
Beyond the Politics of ‘Othering’: Shifting Representations of Christian-Muslim Relations in Ethiopia

Dr. David Owusu-Ansah
The State and Islam in Ghana: A Review

Dr. Zachary Wright
The History of Islamic Identity in West Africa

Dr. Thomas Hüsken
Tribal Political Culture and the Revolution in the Cyrenaica of Libya

Dr. James N. Sater
The Arab Spring and Democratization in Morocco

Hanane El Boussadani
The Šiqāq-divorce under Moroccan Family Law: A reading from a Court judgment

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ORIENT IV 2011: Ten Years After 9/11

Dr. Hans Krech
Al Qaeda in Autumn 2011: Facts and Figures

Dr. Christina Hellmich
The death of Osama bin Ladin – The end of Al-Qaeda’s Pan-Islamic ambition?

Professor Mark N. Katz
Externally and Internally Driven Attempts at Democratization: The Role of Islamic Radicals

Dr. Faisal Devji
Al-Qaeda and the Future of Politics

Dr. Lorenzo Vidino
Jihadism in Europe

Dr. John Calvert
Regional Struggle in the Shadow of Pan-Islamic Militancy: Examples from Indonesia and Bosnia

Dr. Christopher Boucek
Evolution of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Dr. Thomas Gugler
Post-9/11-Pakistan: Dynamics of Pluralization and Conflict

Nico Prucha
Online Terroritories of Terror – Utilizing the Internet for Jihadist Endeavors

Dr. Susanne Kirchhoff
Ten Years After – Metaphors in the Media Discourse on 9/11

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ORIENT III 2011: Historical Changes in the Near and Middle East

Dr. Mohammed A. Bamyeh
Arab Revolutions and the Making of a New Patriotism

Professor Dr. Dr. Peter Scholz
Legal Aspects of the Political Change in the Middle East

Dr. Isabel Schäfer
Europe’s Mediterranean Policy and the Arab Spring

Dr. Musa Shteiwi
Arab Women and the Arab Spring: The Revolution within

Dr. Ayşe Zarakol
Turkey and the Arab World: A Reconvergence of Destinies

Dr. Özlem Tür
Deepening Syrian-Turkish-Relations in the 2000s: Common Security Concerns, Economic Integration and Limitations

Dr. Carsten Wieland
Syrian Scenarios and the Levant’s Insecure Future

Konstantin Kosten
“Tunes tunest, Iran nemitunest” Reconciliation as a Tool for Peaceful Change in Iran?

Niklas Hünseler
Islamist and Democrat? Rachid al-Ghannouchi’s Concept of an ‘Islamic Democracy’ and his Perspectives in post-Ben Ali Tunisia

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ORIENT II 2011: Iraq

Professor Robert Springborg
Democratic Beacon in Iraq: A Dim Light Indeed

Dr. Reidar Visser
Policing a Messy Federation: The Role of the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court, 2005 – 2010

Dr. Jalil Roshandel
Jihadi Factions in Iraq

Dr. Shak Hanish
The Kirkuk Problem in Iraq: Is There A Solution?

Professor Nadje Al-Ali
Iraqi Women: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Layla Al-Zubaidi
The Struggle over Women’s Rights and the Personal Status Law: A Test Case for Democracy in Iraq

Dr. Magnus T. Bernhardsson
From Christian Mission to ‘Mission Impossible’: The United States in Iraq

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ORIENT I 2011: The Gulf Region

Dr. Thomas Demmelhuber
Political Reform in the Gulf Monarchies: Making Family Dynasties Ready for the 21st Century

Dr. Wanda Krause
Women in the Arab Gulf: Redefining Participation and Socio-Political Consequences

Professor Simon C. Smith
British Policy and the End of Empire in the Gulf

Dr. Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
Security Policy of the Gulf States: Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar

Paul Aarts
Maintaining Authoritarianism: The Jerky Path of Political Reform in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Frauke Heard-Bey
Hard Choices: The United Arab Emirates’ Development from Obscurity to Prominence

Dr. Christopher M. Davidson
Dubai’s Diversification: From Boom to Bust

Dr. Gail L. Zellman, Dr. Louay Constant, and Dr. Charles A. Goldman
K-12 Education Reform in Qatar

John Everington
Tribal Norms as National Culture in Qatar: The State’s Re-Imagining of ‘ardhas

Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
Spatial Implications of Omani Tribal Dynamics: Harat al-Bilad in Manah Oasis

Florian Broschk
Religious Law, State Law and the Challenges of Modernity in the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Case of Artificial Reproduction

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ORIENT IV 2010: Central Asia

Dr. Stephen Aris
Striking a Delicate Balance: The Foreign Policy Strategies of the Central Asian Republics

Dr. Hooman Peimani
Energy Security in Central Asia in a Multi-Polar World: An Overview

Dr. Emmanuel Karagiannis
Political Islam in Central Asia: On the Trail of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Dr. Aser Babajew
Political Transition in the Muslim Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s post-Soviet Development between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Sophie Roche and Aksana Ismailbekova
Demography and Patronage. The Dynamics of the Youth Bulge in Kyrgyzstan

Professor Dr. Martin Spechler
Uzbekistan: A Successful Authoritarian Economy Assistant

Professor Dr. A. Christian van Gorder
Interreligious and Intercultural Challenges Facing the Ethnic Germans of Kazakhstan: An Overview

Dr. Diana Altner
A Short History of Muslims and Islam in Central Tibet

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